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Experience Austen's great tasting, farm fresh local Kentish foods...

We are passionate about the wonderful foods Kent has to offer and relentlessly encourage everyone to support Kent farms and our magnificent local artisan food producers. 
Our quest today remains the same as when our adventure began, to make outstanding and delicious local foods available and accessible for everyone to enjoy in Rochester and Medway from one convenient centrally located business. Bringing the best Kent has to offer all into one place. Whether you visit our shop, have a busy lifestyle and need us to deliver to you or, are a like-minded eatery looking to offer your customers great tasting local foods, we are here for you. 
In July 2015 we opened our farmshop, Austen's of Rochester, on the High Street to champion quality, fresh and seasonal locally farmed foods from what is a growing portfolio of Kent farms and artisans that supply Austen's. We like to deal directly with the farms so our food is always fresh, the majority of which has travelled less than 25 food miles and often arriving instore less than 24 hours after it was picked.  Our approach is the complete opposite of the supermarket chains who believe in cheap prices and shareholders first with quality and sustainability second. We believe that quality and sustainability for farmers and local producers must always come above cheap prices as it needs to be sustainable for them and commensurate with the traditional and ethical methods they are using which is reflected in the quality they are offering. You really can taste the difference. That all important food provenance means a lot to a great deal of our customers who believe, as we do, that we should all know where our food has come from and, wherever possible, even the exact fields it was grown in. It makes so much difference to the enjoyment of our food and we believe Kent produces some of the best tasting and nutritious foods you will find anywhere.
Our belief that there is a growing enthusiasm for supporting local farms and artisans, because of the great work they are doing and amazing foods they produce, has been borne out as we have seen our shop become busier and busier with both our incredibly supportive regulars and increasing number of new customers shopping with us. Our offerings have and will continue to grow with the introduction, since we opened, of an all local line-up of delicious meat and chicken, artisan breads and dairy to name but a few.
With the addition of two new business in our first year, Austen's Premium Veg Box Co and Austen's Eatery Supplies, we are now busier than ever stocking our shelves and delivering beautiful food to those with a discerning palette and who appreciate good food. We are firmly placed to continue our quest to encourage everybody to Eat Local.
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Stocks replenished daily...

Daily collections and deliveries from local vetted Kent farms and no bulk buying ensures that our food is fresh and tastes at its best at all times. Most of our food has been picked or prepared within a day of it being on our shelves. You won't find fresher.


All local foods are from Kent...

All of our locally sourced foods will have travelled less than 25 miles. We believe passionately in supporting local farmers and artisan producers because without them we lose our traditions and the great tasting and nutritious foods we were brought up on.


Strong emphasis on seasonal produce...

Our belief is that seasonal produce should be eaten when it is in its absolute prime. Eating foods when in season is as nature intended and, having been farmed in a traditional way through the changing seasons, ensures you are tasting and enjoying food at its very best.


Our mission to reduce waste...

15 million tonnes of food is thrown away each year including pre-packed fruit & veg. Our produce is sold loose so you only need to buy what you will actually use, less waste = more value meaning you can afford to spend a little more for quality local produce.

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