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If you're looking to put local, seasonal produce on your menu then we can help...

Fresh * Local * Seasonal *Value

Austen's Eatery Supplies was born from our farmshop on Rochester High Street - Austen's of Rochester. We have supplied countless eating establishments locally since the first week we opened over 2 years ago and continue to do so. Some daily, some weekly and others occasionally. It's safe to say that there's some fantastic eateries and chefs around but a lot of room for improvement with some on the quality of the ingredients being used. 

Today we only supply like minded independent businesses rather than all and sundry, that is eateries and businesses with a catering requirement that appreciate the immense amount of hard work we put in with local farms and producers and would like to feature the amazing foods we can supply on their menus. We are a local and seasonal produce specialist.


Please though bear in mind that our main priority is to sell the freshest, local, most seasonal produce being grown in Kent and we are talking to and visiting farms all over the county on a weekly basis. It's not possible for us to harness these fantastic working relationships with local farms growing amazing produce, paying them rates that are sustainable for them and then provide it for the same price as a national wholesaler who has simply been to market and bought the cheapest produce they can find. If you are looking for low grade and the cheapest prices then we're not going to be the right fit for your business.

However, if you're tired of the challenges that insuperior ingredients bring to your business, including poor taste and the potential loss of reputation and business, then we can help. Our customers and, in turn yours, will pay a little more for delicious tasting food using quality and local ingredients.

'The consumer is far more knowledgable and savvy these days about the plates of food being served to them. Yet we still see examples of the independent eating establishments buying the cheapest produce and expecting customers to pay premium prices when they aren't using quality ingredients or have a brand to support such prices. Local produce isn't much more expensive if bought in season, tastes so much better and gives you a massive advantage over the national chains because they don't tend to buy local.

No matter what cuisine being offered, we believe a menu that includes quality, locally sourced and seasonal foods is what more and more customers are looking for and the way forward for independent eating establishments.'


Andy Austen, Founder of Austen's Eat Local Group

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